In Salt Lake City stands a famous tabernacle, renowned for its age and unique wooden architecture. This edifice, built in 1884, has attracted millions of visitors. 

The tabernacle is a marvel to behold, but once upon a time it harbored a peculiar problem, thousands of mischievous mice.

The congregation, driven to cussing by the scurrying and squeaking during services, tried every known method to rid their beloved tabernacle of these furry invaders.

They set traps, brought in mouse experts, and played  loud music to scare the mice away.

Alas, nothing worked. The mice seemed to enjoy the attempts, treating them like games and challenges. There were rumors by the Catholic Church that the devil had sent the mice to punish the congregation. Some of the followers of the tabernacle had claimed that the Catholic Church was the Whore of the Earth.

Finally at their wits’ end, the congregation gathered, not to plot another mouse-catching strategy, but to pray. With heads bowed and hands clasped, they asked for divine intervention to solve their mousey predicament.

And then, something miraculous happened. The next day, a strange, tiny figure appeared at the cathedral’s door. It was a mouse, but not just any mouse – this one wore a tiny robe and carried a miniature staff. 

The mouse, who introduced himself as St. Francis of the Fields, proclaimed that he was sent by the prophet of the church that owned most of Salt Lake City.  

F. of F. instructed everyone to clear out of the tabernacle and then show up for Sunday Services. 

When the congregation composed of true believers, missionaries, wives and mothers (who had started taking tranquilizers by the fistful and gulping chocolate and ice cream), returned they were stunned to find or rather not to find a single mice. 

It was a modern day miracle. 

To this day no one can explain what happened.  




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