A note from Canada’s Most Evil Landlord

he likes to be entertained...

Home by U of A

We usually have more applicants than we can handle.

A student seemed interested:

Hi, I’m an Electrical Engineering student from the University of Ottawa coming to Edmonton for the months of May-September for a Co-op. I’m definitely interested in your ad and would love to rent the room you have posted, I look forward to hearing from you!

The room is a terrific deal and the student seemed eager to live there.  Then this came:

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve just been caught up with exams! I’m entertaining a few options for renting this summer, is there any way you could beat ~475$/month?

Obviously he likes to be entertained, I explain one way for us to beat the deal he found.  Even get a better deal than we could give him. 

The people who are in our home started paying $625 a month.  After a year we knock it down to $570.

So … I could let you stay for $475 a month.  But those in our home would then ask for the same deal. I know I would if I lived there.  So to accommodate you, we would have to take about $100 off each room. That would cost us $500 per month.

But  in order to have you grace our beautiful home that is fully furnished — I need to beat $475.

So for the summer I would be out at least $2,000.

Our taxes run around ten grand a year. The bank would foreclose on our home and Kate and I  would be left penniless and seek shelter from The Salvation Army. We would have to sing Christian songs or go without being fed.

I would also lose my standing as Canada’s most evil landlord.  That would be even more tragic.

Best of luck with your travels and educational pursuits.  We’re rooting for you!



PS If you can get your mitts on a wig, here’s a real deal for you:

He says I’m annoyed; I tell him I’m amused. I don’t hear from him.  I am heartbroken.



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