Here’s a photo of a woman I met last week. A few months ago she was a beautiful and vibrant 23-year-old woman.

She is still vibrant and beautiful. She has such a great smile that you almost don’t see how disfigured she is when you meet her.  An angry lover poured acid in her face.  She escaped death for the moment. 

A smile makes a difference.

If this happened to me I don’t think I could ever smile again. 

The dystopian culture she escaped from seems backed by the Ethiopian government and its religious leaders in some twisted way.

The US is sending her back to Ethiopia. Her visitor’s visa expired … and just when she was about to see a plastic surgeon. 

The guy who threw sulphuric acid in her face has vowed to have his family kill her for putting him in jail.

Of course first she needs to be disciplined by this evil creature.

Apparently God needs him to torture her.

I don’t know how she does it but if you met her you’d only see a vibrant and beautiful woman.

The following article is not about her.  It’s about the world that has destroyed so many women like her.



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