The Only Way to Stop Trump

Those in power must stop him. They paint Trump as a lunatic. As a liar. As a traitor. This will not work!






Politicians who make it to Washington win the Lotto.

Free food.  Free money.  Free sex.  Free transportation.  Free retirement.  Free health care. Free back rubs.  And, a zillion more perks.

No matter what a senator or representative says, they’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO stay in power.  They are bought off by the lobbyists.

DC has sold us out!

Enter Donald Trump

He vows to change government.  He gives voice to the losers.

Those in power paint Trump as a lunatic.  A liar.  A traitor.

But each time an elected official or public servant criticizes Trump, the reality show actor, picks up a thousand plus voters.


The public realizes that those who have sold us out don’t want Trump; voting for him gives many Americans their only chance to create change.

But Trump is as mad as a hatter.

So many feel we must:

Stop Trump

But how?

Bipartisan in-fighting must be put aside.  Fences must be mended. The government must unite into a single force that supports Trump.

Then the public will see Trump as part of the establishment and vote for someone else.

Three cheers for democracy.




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