Cut cable: Save Bucks

Fly to Wimbledon with the money you save.  Link one of your smartphone to a wifi in England.

If you want lots of TV programs and a lower bill — here’s a few ideas.

First lower your cellular bill.

Let’s say you and/or one other person is at least 55. Sign up for T-Mobile. Two smart phones — $60 a month. Unlimited phone calls, lots of data and unlimited texting. The data has a cap of 50MB. That’s streaming TV for about 3 hours a day.  And if you connect to wifi, that does not count against your cap.

If you want unlimited Data on T-Mobile for two phones it’s $120.  Welcome to the world of maniacal gamers.

You can phone, text and use your data anywhere in Canada, USA and Mexico. Visit them, call back to the States for free.

You have a flat screen TV I bet.

Sign up for Netflix. Ten bucks or so a month. Watch that on your smart phone and beam it to your flat screen.

Spend twenty bucks on an antenna and pull in 150+ local channels. Right out of the air.

Maybe get HBO to go.  Go to Costco and buy a DVD player — it will have built in wifi/Bluetooth. Link your phone to that.  Use the DVD player to pipe your programming to your flat screen.

You’ll have tons of free local channels — and you never pay any more for the antenna or the other equipment. And with a DVD player you’re sizzling. Local libraries have 1000s of old classics. Free.

For well under $75 you’ll have PBS and Netflix — access to Youtube and two cell phones and suddenly your bills for the digital age drop by thousands of dollars a year.  You don’t need to pay a fortune for the internet — you’re getting it through your smart phones from T-Mobile

Is it perfect? Nope. You might not get certain tennis channels. So what. Fly to Wimbledon with the money you save.  Link one of your smartphone to a wifi in England.

Text the match results back home for free. Send a selfie of yourself sitting beside The Royals a second before assorted bobbies remove you without shooting you.

And if you’re in Canada, check this out:


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