How to Save Money and Buy Lunch

When I take a friend out for lunch, I like to pay the bill. Dunno why. I just do. My wife says we can’t afford to throw money around. But I point out that I save a lot money.

How do you mean? she asks.

Milk, I say.

Explain she says.

Okay. We shop at Costco and buy three containers of milk at a time. We freeze two and put one in the fridge.

When we finish the first carton of milk, someone takes another from the freezer and lets it thaw on the counter.

I always put it back in the fridge.

Why? It makes no sense to let the cold air from the frozen milk heat up the room. Let it warm up in the fridge. As it does this, it cools off the fridge. So the fridge works less, uses less power … it’s complicated thermodynamics.

And simple economics




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