You’re Fired? No. Fried!

They will strike first ....

If he continues unchecked Trump will destroy the world.  No other president has had his global capacity.

Trump is dangerous beyond imagination.

He attacked Syria.  Then went on TV and told the world that it was pretty much of a one time warning.

But can he believed?  Nope. Not in his wildest wet dreams.  He ranted for months that he would never telegraph what he was going to do.  He started telegraphing his intent a week before his raid on Syria.

So right now, anyone watching him doesn’t know what he will do next.  

Herman Kahn wrote a book years ago.  Thinking About the Unthinkable. The winner would be the country that struck first. Destroy most of the other guy’s world.  Then you had a thin chance of winning.

So if the Chinese and Russians and North Koreans assume Trump is going to strike first, that will be the end of the world, they will strike first.

Trump has lied to his partners, his family, those who voted for him, those who did not vote for him, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, every single country on earth, those in congress, those in the state department, those he hired, those in the house, those who worshiped him, those who did not trust him, judges, jurors, his lawyers, and probably the WH dog walkers.  

And, certainly the dogs.

If things go south, Trump can tweet about it from his underground silo.  No one will be left to retreet.  Sad.  

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