Arm Toddlers

Clarence Bullseye, a high ranking member of the NRA, gave his views on the rising shootings targeting playgrounds, schools and colleges.

Earlier CB and his committee made national headlines when he pointed out that 2nd Amendment Rights included citizens of all ages.  They recommended arming toddlers.

“If a young-un can be potty trained, he can be learned to take pot shots with a AK-47,” said CB.

In our interview CB conceded that he was using humor to draw attention to citizens’ rights.

“How’re your going to handle the fact that at least one student per day has been the victim of school shootings this year?” I asked. 

“Simple. We’ll make it mandatory that all students wear T-shirts displaying their GPAs.”  

“Why?” I asked.

“The problem with our system is too many lawyers from them Ivy League Schools,” he said, sticking some chewing tobacco under his lip. “They have corrupted our society and trampled our 2nd Amendment Rights.”

“I get it, wipe out the young intellectuals,” I said.  

“Patriots need to know who the future traitors and lawyers are.  A high GPA spells high targets. Them with GPAs over 1.50.  I’m late for Bible Study.  We’re discussing why religious leaders had to off 12,000 of the unfaithful because they didn’t know how to say “an ear of corn.  Judges 12:6’”

CB headed off for his own educational adventures.  




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