no men in space

For some time now Very Evil People (VEP) have attempted to discredit the leaders of the LDS Church and spread nasty gossip about its prophets.

Yes, President Smith may have made a tiny error in assuming that our moon is a planet.  On the other hand, he was absolutely correct about the big stuff when he testified that no man would ever make it to the moon.

You see, my dear brothers and sisters, because the Mormon God feels women are not worthy to hold the priesthood, that Divine Being made sure that only expendable females have been sent to the moon. All space travelers have been chicks.

To appease the media and public all the chicks have been dressed up as men (roosters).  Ask yourself–who’s in that space suit–chick or rooster?




Yes, females may be fun to breed with–especially if you can nail a Mormon girl who is unspoiled and still a virgin, the only kind worth marrying.

I digress.  Sorry. I can prove that of the 12 people who have landed on the moon, all were female.  Trust me on this.

This proves that beyond a shadow of doubt President Smith was a true prophet.

Take that VEPs!


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